Henry Repeating Arms

Henry wasn’t only America’s first repeating rifle; it was one of its first national brands-and remains so today. The first choice of collectors, plinkers, history buffs and eagle-eyed Eagle Scouts. The heart of the site we created for Henry is, naturally, the Letters section. In the six generations since its founding, quite a community has grown up around Henry. And even Apple can’t claim more passionate or vocal users.

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We have helped Henry build their brand online with their web site, email and print marketing, content management system, and social media.

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Client Testimonial

We couldnt be more pleased with the quality of your work and your timely response to our needs. Consumers tell us all the time how much they love our website, how easy it is to navigate and to use. Thank you for helping us to build our business.

~ Anthony Imperato ~ President, Henry Repeating Arms